Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bags Bags Bags

One thing that I have not let you ladies in on yet it my love of handbags! I use to manage and buy for a gift and jewelry store in Cherry Creek North, a bunch of high priced boutiques. I acquired quite a collection from my days there. I think I have about the equivalent of one bag a week for the year I worked there. It was one crazy year otherwise I most likely would still be there.


I found this kate spade bag on sale today at Nordstroms! Very cute but not big enough to fit on the shoulder and that is a requirement for an everyday bag for me especially.

So every year I give my Mom ideas for what to get me for my birthday so when we were talking the other night I mentioned to her that I would like one of the Vera Bradley large duffel bags. I will be taking quite a few trip in the upcoming months and I am tired of only having my rolling luggage. She didn't think this was such a great idea. She said they aren't durable and you can't just throw them in the washer. Am I wrong that they are great to have or is she wrong? I would really love your take on it.

I just read they are carry on compliant. If I carry this bag on for two of my trips it will save me $60. I may just need it got one myself if I don't get it for my birthday.

Wow too many posts in one day, sorry.


Mrs. Forever said...

I LOVE my Vera duffels. I have heard they don't hold up in the wash, but I decided to try it anyway and mine have all held up well. They are the perfect size for a carry on and really hold a lot of stuff. With all of that said - I'd still suggest sticking to one of the darker colors.

Lindsey said...

I love that bag!! So fabulous!

HW said...

I've switched to Land's End zip top totes, monogrammed from Vera duffels. They are very cheap, come in a variety of colors and sizes and travel well. I recently used a small as a carry on purse and an extra large as a carry on.

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

my husband got me the green kate spade bag, but a different style-- mine does fit on my shoulder. it's flexible and so great! love kate.

i agree with the land's end. i have the vera duffles. i don't love the patterns and feel a little young when i carry them. the straps have both come open and show the padding. it's a good bag for road trips, but i'm not super proud of it! :)

AMW said...

I've heard several people say that they wash theirs and haven't had a problem! Besides, birthdays are for wants, not practical stuff!!! ;-)