Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My day in pictures

This is my day in pictures, I realized I took 22 today so I thought I would share.
First I took Sydney to the Restoration Hardware Clearance Center that just opened, this is another post for tomorrow.
Took Sydney to Monkey Business. A huge warehouse with this and 3 huge jumping climbing blow up things in it. She is in the top of this photo if you look closely. Hours of fun while I catch up on my magazines!

We ran to the jewelry store that was just around the corner to get my rings and earrings cleaned. I love it when they are all clean and sparkle!
While we were waiting Sydney was just standing at the case moving her head, I thought she was watching her clean my jewels till I looked closer and realized she was making faces in the mirror. Now you have to look at her silly face in the photo above.
We they picked up lunch at the Wendy's drive through. It was quite an adventure since my windows still don't roll down.

Took Sydney to my friends house and walked to the park. My photos have been doing this on my IPhone lately at times, no idea why.


We saw a snake on our walk home. Don't worry I got a stick and poked it so it would move off the trail.
Sydney was scared I was poking it with a stick.

I wanted to get a photo of Elaina's healing scars from where a great dane bit her. She has another scar on her other temple where the top part of the dogs teeth got her. It only took 10 photos to get this good one.


Rebecca Taylor said...

I love all of the pictures! The one at the jewelry store is adorable!

Jenny.Lee said...

Sydney is adorable!

Lindsey said...

Cute pictures! Eeeek I hate snakes! You were so brave!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

these are so much fun!!!

Mojito Maven said...

ooooo I can't wait to hear about the RH outlet and visit this xmas