Sunday, November 23, 2008


Special thanks to Mrs. Cups for my cute new award! She is very cute, don't forget to check it out.
The Rules:Post 5 of your "fabulous addictions."
1. Blogging - gotta agree! Does anyone else think through out the day, oh I should write about this on my blog?!
2. White! I just love crisp white on almost anything
3. Candles especially now that it is getting colder
4.Shopping and getting amazing deals! I can almost always find a steal at J Crew
5. Children, I have been blessed with a love for all children, especially others children for now
I really wanted to thank those who have said they will pray for me and my husband in this time of uncertainty. Any of you that haven't received this award I would love to present it to you. You girls have given me such peace!


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I love candles too! Congrats on your award!!

LyndsAU said...

I think that about blogging all the time :) ha! Then i forget! :)