Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday gift ideas for your hubby!

I am having one hell of a time figuring out what to get for my Hubby this year. We have a $100 limit this year and we have to get an ornament with that money! It is so fun to look at our ornament from each Christmas we have been together when we set up our tree. I have also been putting our Christmas card picture each year in a frame ornament so that 20 years from now our kids will love looking back.
Other than an ornament I am completely lost.
I wanted to share with you some great gifts that we have loved as a couple!
One of my very favorite things to do with my Hubby is to play UNO. Yes, Uno the game you played when you were little. It is a great game to play with a group but I truly enjoy playing only with him the best. Sounds so silly but you can be mean to the person you play with and do a little trash talking. If you are playing with only one other person any of the "special" cards (change directions, skip a turn, draw 2) means you get to go again. We play that you only draw one card at a time but you can play as many special cards as you can in a row!
These are so great and are really starting to get popular. They are cards with different discussion topics on them. They have 7 different sets with different topics including girls night out, book club, teens and more. Last Christmas I received the couples edition from my husband! I would really like to add the right or wrong and the original set to our collection. It is really a miniature marriage counseling session every time you play. I love having the couples set but we can't play it with friends so that is the couples edition downfall.
This game is also getting really popular for great reason. It is a blast and one of the best party games I have ever seen! I have never seen a person play with didn't love it. It only takes a few seconds to learn to play and people really get into it. I love this game over Cranium because it is so fast to learn. I have Cranium but still have yet to learn all the kooky rules that go along with it. (Sorry don't stone me.)
This is one of the presents I got for my hubby last year, one I love to pull out but refuse to play. Each player (2-4 at a time) grabs one of the handles and as soon as the scary music goes off the last one to push the button gets shocked! Such a fun game. It doesn't really hurt just scares the crap out of me.
As you can tell almost all of the Christmas presents last year were games!


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Hey we have a $100 dollar limit as well and I am struggling to think of things! Thanks for the suggestions!

MG said...

I've seen the table topics before and always thought that they looked interesting! It's great to hear that someone has a rave review about them!

LyndsAU said...

Some of those games look super fun! Cute!

The Pink Chick said...

I need the shock game for my office! We had a shock pen going around last year that provided us with hours of entertainment. I am sure the shock game would be even funnier!

Lindsey said...

Love Apples to Apples!!

Mrs. Nurse said...

I have never heard of some of these. We usually play Monopoly. Mr. Nurse can be a bit greedy in that game though :P

M&K said...

I like the Table Topics Question cards! So fun, thanks for the great idea!