Sunday, February 22, 2009

Going going gone

My ebay auctions are almost finished...
There are still 4 pairs of shoes that are not bid on so there are some great deals.
Please let me know if one of you wins any of the shoes, I will have to include a little something extra in your package!
Also thank you so much for your great advice yesterday!
I will continue to take the meds but I will make sure I take them on a full stomach and with tons of water. I learned my lesson this morning when I ended up suddenly getting sick to my stomach. This week is the true test because it is normally my worst for breakouts.
I promise not every post will talk about this from now on.
Hope that your weekend was great!


Rachel H. said...

If you had some yellow flats, I would totally buy them! :) I'm looking for some!

Mrs. Smith said...

I wish you had some shoes in a size 9! I rushed to my local TJ Maxx last week, only to discover that it is not carrying J.Crew. :( So sad, but I wasn't super surprised...seeing as how the nearest J.Crew is an hour and a half away! Gosh, I miss the big city life...

Abbie said...

If only they were size 6's!

BTW... I gave you an award on my blog today.

The Southern Housewife said...

Your heading is GORGEOUS! I'll check out the shoes. I'm a shoeaholic!

Oh, and come over and see my Tucker Blair giveaway! So cute and oh so preppy!!