Monday, March 9, 2009

New Running Shoes

I just realized that I haven't posted since Wednesday evening. I have however been working on getting all of the posts read in Google reader. I had over 1,000 at one point and I am glad to say I have read over half of them! I have been terrible about commenting though, sorry.
I was a little too busy this weekend to post and add the fact that I only had my iPhone for internet service all weekend. I spend another lovely weekend with a family of three kids while their parents were away skiing. They are a great family but truthfully, the kids can be a bit much for most people. The little boy, Will, is the strongest willed child I have EVER seen. Hows that for irony?. We had a great weekend though and I left feeling great. When the mother first called me about the weekend she mentioned how it would be such great birth control but truthfully I felt like it was such a breeze. I can't wait till the day when it will be our own kids!
The worst part of the weekend though was being apart from my husband for 72 hours straight. He would normally come and visit me but he worked on Friday and Sunday, taught the fire academy on Saturday morning and then picked up one of my babysitting jobs that I couldn't do on Saturday. He had a great time babysitting and made us an extra $95!
We spent all day today together to make up for the lost weekend.
I mentioned to him that I would really like to get a good pair of running shoes from a running store. He suggested I run to DSW first to check out what they had to save some money.
We ended up going to Boulder Running Company though instead.
I had such a great experience and would recommend visiting a true running store to anyone who runs.
First, they had me try on a pair of shoes with no extra support to see how my feet naturally reacted when I ran. They put you on a treadmill that they have in the store and then they record you running so they can analyze it in slow motion. He asked me if I had any sort of ankle injury ever, not a comforting thing to hear when I never had. He then put me in a pair of shoes that had quite a bit of support and my ankles reacted so much better!
We found a pair of Brooks that feel so great. I can't wait to try them out tomorrow!
I do have to say today that it was so weird to be picking out shoes of any kind purely by the way they fit not the way they looked. If we would have gone to DSW I would have just picked out what looked good and not what my foot truly needed. The shoes were a little more than I would have normally spent at $110 total but I know they are going to make such a difference. I did the same thing with my heart rate monitor and I am so happy I splurged for the perfect one rather than the cheapest one!
(Every time I post about my heart rate monitor I get questions. Here is the link to mine! Worth every penny.)


Cari said...

When I used to run (I really need to start again), I would buy my running shoes at major chain stores and then a co-worker introduced me to an actual "running" store and I was hooked. It was amazing the time they took to find you the right shoe and then they also had you test them on a treadmill. I hope you like your new ones!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I always spend the most money on my running shoes. Mine cost way over $150. But I also have ankle problems. I love my Polar heart rte monitor!

ASC said...

I go to the same type of place for my running shoes and when they bring out the pair that's right for my foot after watching me run my first thought is always, "Don't you have a cuter pair back there?" =) Hope you love yours! New running shoes are always so motivating.

Lucky in Love said...

Sounds like you had a nice weekend!

Lis said...

Looks like a fun weekend!

I have been wanting to go to a similar running store around here - I'm glad you had such a great experience, it's making think I should go do it soon!

The Shabby Princess said...

Yay for good running shoes--they really do make such a difference. I got a new pair for Christmas and I love them. It's totally cheesy, but, running feels actually easier in them than in my previous pair.

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

There's a store here that does that, and it has made all of the difference with my chronic knee pain. Definitely the way to go!

The Ross Family said...

I work for a running specialty store, and this post was awesome! As a runner, you're only piece of "equipment" is a good pair of running shoes, so why not spend the extra effort to get the best pair? Good for you!

Jennifer said...

I have to say that you made a good choice getting the right shoes for your body and you won't regret it! I recently had the same experience and blogged about it over here. I love my new shoes! It is so worth the extra money to keep yourself from injury!

Elizabeth said...

The new running shoes I got are Brooks too! It does make a difference when you get fitted with the proper shoe.