Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Keeping cool

I thought that I would pass along a money saving tip to all of you.  I guess it's not so much a tip but a gadget.
It lets us know the temperature inside our place and outside.  I really is so nice to have when the weather starts to heat up.  Now I know exactly when to turn on and off our air conditioning and when it is time to open the windows.   I love having my windows open when possible to cool our place off, Colorado cools off to a much more comfortable temperature at night.
If you are wondering it's made by Oregon Scientific. It was a gift though so I am not sure where it is from.  I would guess any hardware store or even Target would carry them.
Does everyone else love to have a cool breeze come in through an open window?
We have new neighbors in the condo across from us and they NEVER open their blinds or windows.  I can't imagine living like that. I understand that our family rooms practically look into one another but our kitchens and master bedrooms have the most amazing views.  Here is a picture I took this week.  The sky was 10 times more incredible than my camera captured.
Yes it overlooks some garages and our street but it also sits above the neighborhood next to us so all we really see during the summer is the beautiful tree tops.


Aliya said...

I need to get this so I'm not constantly checking weather.com every morning. Thanks for the tip! :)

becky said...

i LOVE leaving the windows open if weather permits and having the blinds pulled up to see the wonderful views and let some sunshine in!

Dollface said...

Thats such a gorgeous photo! thanks for sharing, xxoo

Sonya said...

I love when I can open the windows! Our house is cooler than it is outside right now because most of our house is shaded. Can't beat fresh air!

Lis said...

Thanks for the tip, I'm going to look for one of these. We spent WAY too much money on AC last year!!

And LOVE the picture - so gorgeous!!!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Such a nice view! We love to open our windows!