Thursday, May 28, 2009

my to do list

I am going to be house sitting for the next five days and I am so excited to check some things off my to do list while I am there!

*work on getting my white legs a little sun
*run on the treadmill that is in work out room attached to the master suite
*explore some of the trails by their house
*drink a glass of wine while taking a bath in the amazing tub
*power through my huge stack of magazines

I am confident that I can accomplish these daunting tasks!
Seriously though isn't it so hard to get all the magazines read before they pile up?


Dollface said...

I love this... good luck with your to-dos!! xxooo

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like fun to me! :)

Lucky in Love said...

Now those sound like some tasks I would like to accomplish!

Sara said...

This sounds like my kind of job. Especially the wine and bath part.

Sarah said...

that sounds like the best to do list ever! And I know what you mean with the magazines they do pile up quick!

Kristen said...

I completely understand the magazine issue! I have a stack to read myself, and yet I just ordered another subscription!