Wednesday, July 1, 2009

my favorite way to clean

I wanted to introduce you to my new favorite cleaning partner.
Books on tape (really cd).
I pick up my favorites from the library and load them on my computer.  They are the best companion when I am running around trying to get everything in order.  If I don't have that on or a movie I tend to get distracted by blogging or facebook. I recently listened to A Walk To Remember and remembered how much better it is than the movie.  They are totally different, I still love the movie but books are always so much better.
 My other favorite motivation is having my husband actually clean with me! It just seems to keep me going longer than I normally would. He doesn't seem to get distracted as easily as I do.  He does need a list though of exactly what needs done even if it is obvious.  


Rachel H. said...

My motivation is definitely having Grant clean with me...With his help it gets done so much faster, and I'm just so much more happy that I have his help! It makes a huge difference!

LyndsAU said...

Books on tape is a GREAT idea for running. I gotta get a few!

Kristen said...

that is such a great idea! A while back I had gotten a few from the library for my car ride to and from school everyday but I hadn't thought about running or cleaning :)

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous idea! Just found your blog! Loving it!