Thursday, July 9, 2009

What to do?

We in the classic household have spend quite a bit of time lately at our neighborhood pool. We have meet another couple that I enjoy seeing almost every time we are there. They are quite young and have a 4 year old little boy who is pretty cute.
Sounds great right??
Problem is the father is a chain smoker and is constantly lighting up. I am all for making your own life choices but I really can't stand smoke. We also have a neighbor who smokes and when he is outside smoking and our windows are open I know right away.
I am just so tired of their life choices affecting me and potentially my health.


josephinechoo said...

Some peoples are really annoying,maybe because we all had different habits and lifestyles.

Erm,maybe you can just try to tell them that secondhand smoker will be their son.

I think they must care for their son health too.

Hope everything will be better.

I'm your follower.I love your blog.

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Maybe talk to the wife alone, let her know that smoke really bothers your eyes or something, and that you don't want to hurt his feelings. Chances are she will ask him not to smoke when you guys are around. That's a start, right?

Rachel H. said...

It would drive me crazy too...especially for your health and when you have a baby you don't want him to be around your baby even while you are pregnant. I don't have any advice, but I know how frustrating it must be.

Leslie Jackson said...

Every time he lights up, find a reason to walk away. If he doesn't catch on, maybe the wife will and she will bring it up. I've tried it before and it has worked.

Sonya said...

I called our postmaster the other day because one of our mail carriers parks their truck outside our house and proceeds to smoke in the truck out in front of our house! They also leave the cigarette butts in our yard! After this happened for about the 4th time I called. I know they get a break, but there is a ball diamond just a few 100ft from our house where they could park and take their break. I don't want to watch them outside my front windows and I certainly wouldn't want my kids to see it either. I'm with you on the annoyance of it! If you want to do it to yourself fine, but I don't want to be harmed by it! I think some of the others have good suggestions.

MiMi Magnolia said...

I know it is awkward to say something point blank (it would be for me) so maybe you could just mention that you have allergies? I am terribly allergic to cigarette smoke and sometimes in the context of, "I'm so sorry, I'm allergic" you come off less abrasive but still get the point across that you aren't willing to share the air! Just an idea :-)