Friday, August 14, 2009

New carpet

It may only be just before three here in Colorado and I may already be enjoying a glass of wine! Don't judge, I have no where to be today and a long list of things at home to do. My husband is at work and won't be home till tomorrow morning. I seem to be much more productive when he is at work and I am enjoying a glass of wine.
Topping today's list is cleaning all the floors, I even am feeling motivated enough to pull out the attachments and vacuum around the edges of the rooms. I am not really sure why I am taking such care since we are hoping to have new carpet installed by the end of the month.
Ladies please take note, NEVER GET WHITE OR OFF WHITE CARPET.
It may seem like a good idea but if you plan on every letting anyone actually live in your home it is never a good idea.
While the idea of getting new carpet is very exciting really it petrifies me. What do I do with all of my stuff when they install it? Have any of you gotten new carpet while still living in your home? What do I do?


short southern momma said...

My parents made the mistake of getting off white carpet when they first built there house and I kid you not 3 days after we moved in my brother dropped a hotdog with mustard on was bad! Needless to say, they have hardwood now. {haha} Hope you have a great weekend! = )

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I need a cleaning motivation as well.

Kristen said...

We haven't gotten new carpet but we did get wood floor and they will move everything out of the room in order to get the carpet down :)

The Browns said...

You could just shift it from room to room while they install it? We have to deal with carpet/vinyl installations at the complex I work at all the time & sometimes we just put peoples furniture out on the lawn for a short period of time! It takes less than a day to install carpet. Don't fret my dear!
<3 Bon

Mackenzie said...

Cleaning up sounds like a good thing to do, especially before the fall! Oh, well they change carpet you move your furniture into another room. It is quite a chore!

Kassie said...

My apartment complex went through each building updating the carpeting recently (to white, so I know how you feel!) and we just moved the furniture from room to room as they went through. Really annoying, but they moved fast at least!

Adie said...

Wine does geet things done faster! haha

SLJ said...

I completely agree with the no any form of white carpet. The house we rent right now has it EVERYWHERE and the only rooms that still look acceptable are the guest rooms we never go in. And I have used every carpet cleaner known to man. One of the requirements on our home search is hard wood, either there already or to be installed before we move in!