Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Love 21

I promised last week that I would visit the store that carries the new Love 21 line at Forever 21.
I made the hour long drive and only left myself half an hour to shop. I didn't realize that I was going to what has to be one of their biggest stores. I was going to take a photo in the store but it wouldn't do it any justice, showing you the map of the mall is better.
It's the bottom store if you didn't find it already.
It was the size of a department store.
It took a few moments to really get my bearing in such a big store but I soon figured out it was divided into sections by line. (They carried all the lines including the plus size and men's line.) I was pretty impressed by the Love 21 line but I would say the pieces offered are better online. The items I went looking for were exactly what I expected them to be though!
I got some amazing winter staple pieces that I am so excited for!
I picked up a great pair of skinny dark jeans for only $30 and a great black sweater that looks great belted. My favorite item though that I purchased was a stunning belt for $3.
It isn't as big as it may look in the photo. It really looks the best on...
The front reminds me of the Sex & the City belt that Carrie wore almost the entire movie.
I know you can't really see it in the photo but you can get an idea of how big it is. I think my favorite part is how classic belts are right now but how unexpected the back is.
I would have never guessed I would find something so great for so cheap.
Take note of my hair before my super stressful hair appointment today. In two words it was a complete disaster. I will tell you all about it tomorrow when I have more energy, this post is already too long.


Classy Fab Sarah said...

That belt is stunning!! So jealous of that huge store!

Rachel H. said...

Cute belt!! Can't wait to hear about your hair appointment...I'm sure it wasn't / isn't as bad as you think!

AEOT said...

Oh no, I'm nervous about your hair! Post soon!

LawGirl said...

I love the belt! I've always had the best luck at F21 with accessories. For some reason I never find clothes that are just right there, but the accessories are a gold mine!

Dollface said...

This dress is gorgeous!!! I absolutely love the belt/dress combo.. it gives everyone such a great waistline!! xxooo

Just Me said...

Okay so I gotta know.. which mall is this? I want to go now and check out the line!!

chelsea said...

I live like 10 minutes from Flatirons, I need to go see what's new! Can't wait to here about your hair, hopefully it wasn't too catastrophic ; )

Kassie said...

That's one incredible F21!!!

Chic Runner said...

A. you look so cute! B. nice belt! C. I love Love 21 too! :) Glad you liked it and had some good finds. I get everything from there

Good Gals Inc said...

You look amazing!!!!!! Great belt!!!