Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Girl talk

Just a warning: girl talk ahead for the one or two male readers that randomly appear.
I am dealing with a feminine issue right now. I just finished up a Z pack and being on an antibiotic cased said issue. I went to the store today to get some medicines and was baffled by the choices. There were at least 20 different option to choose from, anywhere from a 1 day to 7 day cure. I just don't get why if I can use something that can be used during the day and only takes one dose that is only a buck or so more why choose any other option?
Anyone have any insight on why you would buy the 7 day night only messy option for $2 less?


Classy Fab Sarah said...

OMG, I have been having this issue lately as well - after a round of OTC help I wasn't cured.... so I had to call my doc for a prescription for diflucan - BEST THING EVER.

I think it was only $5-6 with our insurance, no mess, and it seriously saved my life.... but that's just my 2 cents.

With the OTC kits it sometimes doesn't fix the problem, so I'd def call the doc and see what he/she can do for you!

LawGirl said...

I've always wondered the same thing!

Next time you take an antibiotic take acidopholus (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) with it. Since I started doing that I've never had that horrible side effect.

Leslie said...

Every time I've been on an antibiotic, my doc has suggested that I eat yogurt with "live bacterial cultures" in it. Many of the good flavors have it. Anyways, that usually prevents the "issue" for me.

However, I would say call the doc. The OTC stuff is usually just messy and you end up having to call the doc anyways after you finish the OTC stuff.

Good luck!

Patience said...

I would go to the Doc and get a script from them. I am not sure the OTC meds will help that much. I think they just mask the problem and it comes back worse then before.

Jon and Nicole said...

My OB/GYN recommends trying the three day first. The reason was that the one day is so concentrated that it can burn or cause further discomfort and isn't as effective as three treatments. I had a killer infection a few weeks ago due to being pregnant and on an antibiotic and the three day took care of it no problem for me.

Rachel H. said...

I totally agree with your first comment about Diflucan! That medicine is the best thing that has ever happened to women! I think it's the greatest thing ever!! If you can, I'd just call your doctor and get the prescription.

Suzette said...

I always ask for diflucan when I get a rx for antibiotics, I never mess with the otc stuff.. waste of money in my opinion!

Good Gals Inc said...

I always do the 3 day! The one days seem to NEVER work. Get a combo pack with internal and external meds.