Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Free food!

I have a husband who LOVES food.
This was his plate at the firehouse Christmas party.
I can't tell you how many times I have gone to the firehouse and someone has talked about how much he eats. I'm not pointing fingers but I will say I gained quite a bit of weight right after we got married. I want to make my husband happy but I still have to stick to a tight budget. To do so I was shopping at W*lmart and figured that would be cheapest way to get food, luckily ours is a super nice one.
Tonight I tried using coupons at my local King S**pers (Kr*ger). It was so easy and I saved 50% off my bill for a total of $25 saved. The items weren't all ones I would buy at W*lmart but my husband was so excited when I called and asked him what varieties of Rice a R*oni he wanted. Normally I would just buy him a big bag of rice and he would have to figure out how to cook it. These cheap and easy sides will make meals both here and when he cooks at work easier.
I would have never known how to do this if I hadn't signed up for the Grocery Game.
It only took me about 10 minutes before I went to the store today, totally worth $25. I can't wait to
have a stockpile of cheap paper items because I am so sick of adding $20 to my C*ostco bill to
get tp. If you do sign up please include that I referred you, my e-mail is mrsjcrew at yahoo.com.
The cost is $10 every 8 weeks but the first month is free!


Rachel H. said...

This is really cool, and I've been needing to figure out how to save money shopping. Thanks for posting! :)

Angela said...

I did the free trial of the grocery game, then one of my coupon-pro friends showed me the free sites that do the EXACT same things! I used those sites and saved $59 yesterday, bringing my bag of 13 groceries to $9!

Lauren @ Reading and Running said...

I've heard that the grocery game is a great way to ave money! thanks for the tips!

Lis said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I'm trying my hardest to get our ridiculous grocery bills down!! :) I will def let them know you referred me if I decide to sign up!! :)

Kristen said...

I do something really similar to this and it has saved me SO much money! I save at least 60% every time I shop now, which is nice when I am shopping for a family of five. I've saved enough that I am now using that extra money for a housecleaner to come in twice a month! Oh happy day!

kanishk said...

I was actually watching that too :) It's a very cute house!

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M said...

How cool!