Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shoes, shoes, shoes

I may have gone to Target tonight and purchased three different pairs of shoes. The worst part is that it is snowing outside and two of the pairs are sandals.
I love the Tory Burch flats that have this scalloped detail, if I were to purchase TBs I would get Revas though. I actually wanted these to see if I thought I would wear gold or silver flats more often.
These are almost identical to Jack Rogers. I've admired the JR online before but they haven't really caught on here in Denver so I figured Target ones are just as cute for 1/5th the price.
Last but not least this pair caught my eye and was only$12. Can't wait to pair both pairs of sandals with skirts and dresses this summer. They will also be nice options for the office without being flip flops. One of the benefits of selling real estate is you can really just go a few steps above what your client wears. I have one right now who always wears yoga pants when we go out so there isn't a ton of extra pressure to be super dressed up.
I wanted to show you this pair as well. I purchased similar the summer we got married almost 4 years ago and still wear them quite often. I am always getting compliments on them and asked where I purchased them from.


Britt said...

I own the third pair also! I bought them some time ago and LOVE them! So comfy!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Super cute!

Katie said...

those are all so cute! I love the flats!!

餐廳 said...


Allison said...

Classic -

I just ordered the 3rd ones down! Thanks for the tip!

Chicago, IL