Thursday, July 29, 2010

Total Randomness

Here's a glimpse of things that have happened this week to me...
My gynecologist commented on my teal toe nail polish today. Luckily I was just sitting on the table but still weird considering he's about 60. He's such an amazing doctor though.
My foreign neighbor said hello beautiful, hello princess to me yesterday when I waved to her.
My husband is the one who begs to go to Yogurt Land nightly. I would rather stick to my diet. Two weeks ago I was begging him.
I decided not to put on my body glide yesterday while going for a 5 mile walk in short shorts that kept riding up. Now I'm not sure when my thighs will recover, so painful.
Workers are coming to rip out our cement porch tomorrow because apparently it is collecting moisture and rotting away. This is going to be a pain while they rebuild it for the next three weeks. My dog is not going to be happy with all the men around and the noise.
See why I'm hitting a blogging wall... Life is pretty random right now.


Mrs. Bear said...

Aw I love what your neighbor said to you!! And that your gyno liked your toe polish... think I need to get that color today when I get my pedi. You've inspired me hahahah!

Katie said...

Good luck with the construction!