Sunday, August 15, 2010

My perfect sunglasses

Yesterday we attended the Mile High Music Festival. While I was getting ready and looking at photos from last years concert I was so sad that I could no longer find my favorite pair of sunglasses that I wore last year. (Pictured below) These were perfect for my face and never fogged up so I could wear them for 14ers and running as well as everyday.
This year I settled this year with cheap forever 21 glasses that were a little too oversized for me.
As we were watching Steve Miller Band I spotted a woman in the crowd with the amazing Nina sunglasses. I teased my husband that I was going to offer $100 to buy them off her and he told me to start at $50. The concert ended though and we all went on to the next concert. Later that evening though I spotted the same woman again and approached her to ask what the style name was on the glasses. We talked for a few and I finally got the nerve to offer to buy them from her. She was shocked when I offered her $50 cash for the glasses and quickly took my offer! When I came back with my prize in hand my husband jumped on ebay to see if I got a good deal, looks like I saved at least $100. So excited to have them to wear for day two of the MHMF. (Don't worry I washed them asap.)


Tess said...

That is so cute! Good for you, they look great!

Mrs. Bear said...

Omg what a good idea! Next time I see someone with something I want I am going to offer to buy it... hehe.

Josh said...

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Lauren said...

Love that you had the guts to ask and it got you what you wanted. I love a pair of big sunglasses! I treasure my Prada's but mainly wear my Maui Jim's because I can see more clearly in them. Not sure if I have ever commented but have enjoyed your blog!


Erin said...

They look great on you!! :)
How neat!! I'll have to get up enough courage to ask next time.
Question though - is your hubby wearing the same shirt in both pictures?? :)

The Shabby Princess said...

That's totally something I would do! Way to go on getting a great pair of sunglasses!