Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A woman's prerogative...

to change her mind.
I ordered this for my birthday rather than the watch I showed you two posts ago.
This watch wasn't available when I started my search so I'm so glad they released the new one before I ordered the old one, especially since I also got this watch as well.
The other one was too similar to the black one and not as dressy as the new one. Not a huge fan of the bling but I still like it better over all.
I also decided to give in to...
I've waited since June for the beautiful white iPhone 4 but they just announced that they would be delaying it again till spring. My old 3G was cracked and not nearly as fast as it should have been and that's causing troubles for my real estate business. Rather than completely giving up on the white I ordered a white case.



Morgan Paige said...

loooove that brown one!!

mrs.mfc said...

That brown watch is so similar to the Michael Kors watch I have been wanting soooooo bad! Love it!

BelleinBows said...

Love the brown watch!!

Suz said...

You gave in!!! I am jealous! I have the 'old' one and love it, but Dustin has the newest and it is awesome!! And LOVE the watch!!