Friday, July 29, 2011

Like a little kid again

Since I've been so serious with my diet I decided to add in exercise as well.  A friend gave me a bike that they weren't using and I've been having a blast with it. 
 The first time I went for a ride I assumed that since I walk 5 miles I would be able to bike 10 miles easily. When I turned around at 5 miles I was already tired.  By the time I hit 8 miles I knew there was NO way I would be able to make it home.  I called my Grandpa who was luckily home and asked him to bring his truck to pick me up.  Since then I've learned my lesson and I make sure to eat more than 2 eggs before a ride.  I've also had to find something to take to eat on the trail because normally I would just grab a sugar filled gel.  Now I fill a sandwich bag with 2 T almond butter and eat it like a gel half way through my ride for a quick 190 calories!
  Normally I start working out, take a day off and then I don't go again for a few weeks.  The past two weeks though have been a different story. Now I force myself to take a day off and then crave a workout.  I think it's become less about burning calories and more about having fun and getting out. Having a great book on tape while I ride also helps.
I also make sure to find a shady bench, take all my gear off, relax and eat my almond butter before I head home.  

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Annie said...

I typically run but I love getting on my bike because I feel like you get to see so much more. Glad you're enjoying it. Do you have those padded shorts? Those are essential (found out the hard way!)!