Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our April Fools Day Joke

Well you guys are already in on our secret that we are pregnant.  One of the first things I did when I figured out I was pregnant was to look when 12 weeks was and when we could make it public.  I realized that our April fools day joke from last year would play perfectly into our announcement this year.

 Last year I convinced my husband to steal one of our friend's ultrasound photos of her twins from online and post it as our profile photos.  The comments and the calls started rolling in all day.  Let's just say people are still talking about it today!

Once I realized that we would just have to wait a week and half after we hit the 12 week mark to announce it on facebook both my husband and I knew we had to pull the prank again this year but with our real ultrasound.

The comments are rolling in but the ones of us who know the truth are laughing to ourselves. They seem to be the ones who are liking the photo and not commenting. Here is a sample of the comments we are getting...

If I remember correctly I thought you were pg last April 1st. : )

Wow so from twins to a singleton. Your April fools jokes are lessening.

Hmm.. I don't see your name anywhere on there... 
(funny because the ultrasound came that way without my name on it)

Same joke two years in a row? Come on, step up your game! :)

 I even had a friend who doesn't know it is real steal the photo and do the same prank.
Late tonight or even tomorrow morning we will let them in on the joke but until then we are laughing to ourselves.

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Mrs. Bear said...

Haha! That is awesome! What are the odds that you could do this joke again but that it wasn't really a "joke"? Love it!