Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fireproof part II

I realized I had a few things about Fireproof that I meant to talk about but forgot to do. I guess this post is for those of you that have seen the movie... spoiler alert.
Wow how intense were the fighting scenes in the very beginning. My husband and I have never had a fight that intense and I would be scared that you can't recover from that.
Just like the main character my husband is also a firefighter and some of the things she was feeling may not have made a ton of sense but as the wife of a firefighter I have had a lot of the same feelings.
After the fire fighter almost got hit by the train and he said "don't tell my wife." This is how we live as well. I know very little of what actually goes on at work when they are on a call. I have heard very few stories about calls since he started over three years ago. My Grandpa tells me it's because I don't ask but truly it's because he won't tell me when I ask. I know that he is protecting me and separating work and life to stay sane.
Did it drive anyone else nuts that they never touched till the end? I know that their relationship was severely broken but by the end I knew I needed a hug because I felt the tension of them never touching.
On the same note though Kirk Cameron will only kiss his wife so his wife stood in on the last scene, very sweet.
I loved the twist at the end of how it was his mom that did the dare on her husband. I loved how his opinion of her changed in the end. I also pray my future sons never feel this way about me.
My Mom was asking me if she thought she should go see the movie. I guess first I should explain that her and my Father just got divorced two years ago. I just think this movie would be so hard to see when you are recently divorced. Any thoughts on what you would tell your Mother?


NotQuiteaBride said...

Since I haven't seen the movie, I had the same question for you about my parents. They were on the verge of divorce this summer and went to a couples retreat that really brought them back together. it's slow going, but they are working so hard on fixing their issues and staying together. I was wondering the same thing if I should tell my parents to go see it.

Probably I would think it would be really hard on your mom since they didn't make it out together, wouldn't you think?

The Branches said...

I SO have to see this movie! Everyone is talking about it!

Belle-ah said...

I do think individuals (even recently divorced) can grow through this movie! MY DH and I loved it...we will be celebrating #20 in December. Love your blog!

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

That part where the firefighter almost got hit by the train really hit me hard...I'm not even a firefighter's wife! I can't imagine!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i think the not touching thing really showed you how seriously damaged their relationship was. it's hard to let your wall down when someone has hurt you and let them near you.

such a great movie.