Sunday, October 12, 2008

Car troubles (now updated)

I guess my car trouble all started a few months ago when I went to get my new tires installed on my SUV. Every time I get into the car my little thing above my windshield that would normally tell me the temperature blinks that my tire sensors are missing or broken. I never think about this until I get in and then I am busy going somewhere and it slips my mind before I have time to do anything about it. Fine just a little annoying and I think I have waited too long to get it fixed by the tire store.
Friday I took my car into the dealership to get a recalled fixed on my heated seats, I guess they were overheating. Seriously if I got my butt caught on fire my husband would never live it down at the fire house! It would be even funnier than the fire fighter's house who burnt down last year. Anyways, we were in the car last night and the dashboard lights and navigation system/stereo were VERY dim. My husband tried to turn them up but as soon as he turned the knob any higher the interior lights came on. When we got out my interior lights no longer turn on when the door is open. Ah, seriously it is so frustrating to drive at night now especially since it is so overcast and rainy this weekend. Hopefully they will be able to fix this asap.
After I wrote this I got into my car to discover my mirrors, seat position memory buttons and my windows all don't work. I do have an appointment Thursday on top of a super busy week to get it fixed. They have already said they don't think it happened because of them but seriously I have never had these problems before. Sorry for the rant, thanks for listening.


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

car troubles are so frustrating! i hope it all gets resolved soon, for your sake!

Muffy said...

Oh, I hope everything works out!! GOOD LUCK!

Mojito Maven said...

oh wow, seriously car troubles are the WORST!!!!!!

We should get together when I am in town in December..thoughts?