Thursday, October 30, 2008


I am so excited that today is finally Halloween! We already had our costume club for Young Life this week. We spent 30 stressful minutes before at Party City trying to figure out a costume for me and my husband. He got in one of those moods where he wasn't interacting and was sulking around the store. He then found a great costume that put him in a good mood. Here are some of the photos from our evening.

The freshman girls, so cute. I am taking them to trick or treat tonight at Chipotle! They give you a free burrito if you go dresses as one. We are going to hit up 4 different locations on the way to the firehouse where we will bring the firefighters dinner.

Kim in the middle was a black eyed pea.

One of the other leaders

This kid did the best Joker impression I have EVER seen. My husband looked up the highest rated one on youtube and his was by far better.

This was the costume that made my husband VERY happy!


I found a padded muscle shirt and decided to go as my husband. I put on one of his fire shirt over my new muscles and put my hair under his fire hat. It was the best I could do 20 min before club.


M&K said...

Looks like a fun night! Have you and your hubby seen the movie Fireproof yet?

Mojito Maven said...

oh man, this post makes me miss young life so much!!!