Thursday, October 30, 2008

Target impluse buys

Wow the $1 bin at Target is a trap of impulse buys but when everything is 50% the impulse becomes 100 times greater for me. Here is the list of things I bought tonight.
3 very cute children's books for my box
2 things of Halloween sprinkles
3 ink pads for the stamps I had bought from the same bins a few trips ago
2 blocks to put the stamps on
(have you seen these new kind of stamp that take up a lot less room?)
3 sheets of stickers
I also picked up 4, yes 4, bags of carmel apple suckers!
I had gone through the Halloween candy isle looking for them with no luck. I then was walking back and saw a bag in some lady's hand. I stood back and prayed she would put them back, she did just that!! Then I found that there were more bags hidden in the mess around where she found them... and that how I ended up buying 4 bags!
I love these because they are so great to have on hand when you are doing Weight Watchers and need something sweet. They use to carry them all year but recently have stopped.
When I was coming home my husband greeted me at the front door very curious as to what I had picked up in addition to the bag of suckers. I showed him my other impulse purchase of the day. I got a really beautiful candle holder, I will post a picture in a few days when I find the perfect place for it! I know that he approved of it because he didn't lecture me when I showed it to him. He would never tell me he actually likes it but I know he does.
I also FINALLY made it to the gym today! I checked my heart rate monitor to see the last date that I had worked out I almost fell over when I realized it was the 3rd of last month, almost 2 full months ago. That is so sad but what can you do? I was only able to get in 20 min on the treadmill before the gym closed but every little step helps right. I was able to run for about 12 minutes straight before I started walking. Not too bad since I just ran my first straight mile ever this spring. I also burned 200 calories and was still under my points for the day!!
We leave Wednesday for my cousin's wedding so I figured I could use some work before our trip. I think I may wear my black strapless embossed J Crew dress, the one they release every summer. Is this to casual/summery for a November wedding?


NotQuiteaBride said...

You crack me up. I did the same thing in my Target's dollar bins yesterday!

I way to go on hitting the gym!

I think the black strapless will be fine as long as you have a cute jacket or pashmina over it.

Have fun!

Randall said...

Oooo, the $1 bins are dangerous - but I have found some great things!

Lindsey said...

Love Target!

Congrats on going to the gym!!

d.a.r. said...

Oh gosh I love's so dangerous!

Milltini said...

Target gets me every.single.time. Thank goodness there isn't one in NYC or I'd be in big trouble!

LyndsAU said...

1. I freaking love those suckers :)

2. It's not too late to wear that dress. It will be gorgeous!

3. Happy Halloween!

Mojito Maven said...

and this is why Mr. Mojito does all of the shopping at Target because he knows what I'll come home with.

AND, I think that dress will be beautiful!

LuLu and Pete said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those $1 bins:) They are great to get little treats for my students!!!

Membership Required said...

I found you over at it's a corny life (my bff's blog.) I thought I would invite you to take a look at my blog and join in on the fun we are having with Fit Fridays. A good bloggy friend turned real life pal started this at It's Almost Naptime. So stop by and take a look. We just ended week three but it's never to late to join the fun.
Great reference to B. Moore.
I'll stop back by.