Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pottery Barn house as promised

Here are the photos of the house I am house sitting at. The woman works at Pottery Barn and does their displays. The house is more amazing in person than these pictures show.

The dogs, the reason I am there. Seriously house sitting is such good money!
The outside, they love their halloween decorations!

This is the guest room where I am staying. My husband and both slept here last night with both dogs. Way too small of a bed for all of us.

The kitchen table is a high one, I want one when we move!

I like how they have tile through out the main floor, I like and have hardwood floors but like that this is different.

Life size, my husband was worried I would get scared by this at night in the dark. It is right outside my door.

LOVE the rug!

The master bedroom

Master bath, my plan for tonight! It snowed for a few min today here in Denver.

The older girls room.
There is a chandelier in every bedroom!
The younger girls room. She loves horses and there is real rope twisted around on the walls around the room.
Love the crown molding with the pink ceiling.

Sydney with her cupcake hat, very cute!
My go-to outfit when its cold. The jacket has amazing details.


NotQuiteaBride said...

What a cute house! I'm not in love with all of the wall decals, but my favorite is the polka dots on the ceiling! And I love your jacket. That is too cute.

TuTu's Bliss said...

I love all your pics. Your wedding pictures are stunning!!

The Branches said...

Wow! The house is very pretty...I've always dreamed of having a "Pottery Barn" house :)
They do like their Halloween decor don't they? ha..ha..

Lis said...

What a great house!! She is very talented.

And I am loving your coat- where'd you get it??

Rebecca Taylor said...

Loved seeing all of the pictures! Your coat is SO cute!

Petunia said...

She does have a cute house!! Love your coat! :)

Mojito Maven said...

You look so cute!!!!!!!!! LOVE the coat...oh and the house is beautiful!

Lindsey said...

Oh my word! I want to move in that house! Love it!

The Mrs said...

Thanks for your sweet comments about my jacket. It was from Forever 21 last spring. It was expensive for them but one of my best finds ever.

Suzette said...

Thanks for the comment! I love meeting new bloggers. I may have a contact for you. I have someone that is looking to buy an investment property in Denver.

I love the house you are sitting at..Very nice. I love all of the stenciling. I may have to borrow some of those idea!!! :) I will def add your blog to my list. :)
THanks for stopping by!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

The house is adorable! Thanks for sharing this cuteness! By the way, love the jacket in your "go to outfit" =)