Thursday, October 23, 2008

too much red wine

Wow I am not feeling super great today, too much red wine last night.
Also last evening I was taking a bath and the dogs chewed through the straps on my bra, goodbye $40. I didn't even realize they were chewing on it.
Back to today though. I took a mortgage fraud class today and really enjoyed it. I also learned that most of the time it is the clients who need to be responsible when they are taking out a loan or making a huge purchase. If something seems fishy ask and always look over your loan documents.
On another note I thought I would put these pictures up! They are my friends baby room that she painted herself. It is a little boys room but would work great for either sex.

In other exciting news Mojito Maven over at Make Mine a Mojito is celebrating her 100th post! She has a great giveaway of jewelry! Click here to find out more.


Lis said...

What a gorgeous nursery!!

Mojito Maven said...

Seriously those nursery pictures are adorable AND I love your birthday choices...I am a HUGE Gucci fan. My two purses have lasted me FOREVER...worth every penny!

Amy said...

Oh my! HOW CUTE!