Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Random thoughts

Sorry I am very scattered today but here are my thoughts and things that are going on in my life.
I had sushi for dinner with one of my friends, Nicole! Nicole is one of the sweetest girls ever and was actually one of Mojito Maven's bridesmaids. We stopped by the mall afterward since we were done with dinner but not with our visit! I picked up some new camis from Nordstrom, $12 gotta love that.
This was the entrance to the Nordstrom dressing room. My phone camera didn't capture the color right, it was very cute.
Ha ha this was one of my conversations with my husband today
"are there any dollars laying around the house"
"no why"
"if I find another dollar I can go get a Chipotle burrito"
Seriously almost all the boy thinks about is food and lots of it. I was on my way out to lunch with a friend last week and he said call on your way back and I will let you know what to pick me up for lunch. When I told him it would be a few hours he replied that would be just enough time to eat his first lunch before I got back with his second. When I called he wanted me to pick him up a meal and a side of chicken nuggets.
He is a great husband though. My stuff is scattered right now all over our home and he puts up with it! Things are just so crazy right now that I can't get on top of it. Thanks sweetie.
Another one again about the husband. He ran into friends of ours today that are expecting their first baby in a few weeks. His response was maybe we should get pregnant. He has such a strong desire to see me pregnant.
I have been on hold for over 13 ,in now with AT&T to figure out why the 1500 extra text messages I added to our family plan only apply to my husband's account and don't apply to mine. He has 1500 texts and has used 15, I have 200 and have used 150 and have 3 weeks left till the next bill.
A picture of our god daughter holding Jon's hand when the Charlie Brown Halloween movie got to scary for him. I get to play with her tomorrow!


Mojito Maven said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAY LOVE Nicole...did you all go to Sushi Den???? so good, I can't wait for Christams when I can go there.

A Belle and her Beau said...

random but I noticed the Young Life sweatshirt. YL was my favorite part of high school! Were yall involved? I would give my right arm to go back to camp ... Windy Gap. Whoop, whoop!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

so cool that you and mojito maven have a mutual friend!!! the goddaughter is adorable!

Justin and Jenn said...

I can't think of a sweeter picture than that!