Thursday, October 23, 2008

What to do?

Tonight my husband indulged me and took me to do one of my favorite things. We went to Babies R' Us and just walked around looking at the stuff, mostly bedding! He thinks I am so silly but he loves me and lets me drag him into there and Pottery Barn Kids.

One of our trips to PBK's, he looks so goofy in this photo.

Now I will let you in on our secret... We have baby furniture stored in a friend's basement for our future children!! The following picture is the changing table we have stored. We don't have those baskets though.
Here are a few ideas of what we can do with it for a baby room!!
Ours is white not brown, you get the idea though.

Now here is what I discovered today on our outing. The bins I had planned on registering for when we are expecting are now on sale at BRU. They were $15 each but now are $10. I would like to get 4 white ones for the upper storage area. I really love the green but I am not sure what color bedding I will pick when that day does come. White is safe I figure.
Do I just buck up and get 4 of them now and just use them or do I just wait and hope to find something else when the day does come?
This is a photo I took when I first found the bins!
This is the bedding I really liked today!
Now I will let you in on another secret. My husband has baby fever more than I do right now! I really wanted to wait until we went on a trip this summer but now we are not really sure we will go on our trip anymore. He is two and a half years older than me so as the big 30 looms in the next few years I think he thinks more about having kids sooner than later.


M&K said...

Dear Mrs., Great post! I think it is sweet and kind of hilarious that you already have baby furniture. My hubby and I have already crossed the "30 threshold"... if you are not ready, don't feel any pressure. I LOVE that you were given his great grandmother's ring... I too am a sentimental and prefer to keep it in the family. I look forward to more of your posts!

Rebecca Taylor said...

Just buy them now!!!! :)

Milltini said...

I love that he has baby fever! Your future children will be lucky because you have excellent taste!

Lis said...

I'm so in love with that piece! It is amazing!
It's funny how "baby fever" sneaks up on you! We are trying or anything but I am obssesed with looking at nurserys and baby stuff!! :)
Glad I'm not the only one!! ;)

Mojito Maven said...

ahhhh heck, buy them now...i mean what if you can't find them when you finally are pregnant haha

Mrs. Forever said...

I would totally buy them! We are actively trying to NOT get pregnant. But that doesn't change my obsession with all things baby. 9 months to the day Casey graduates (mid-August 2009) I'll be prepared with my already purchased baby outfits and maternity shirts.

Candice McCoy said...

Such cute baby furniture!! My husband and I have been married a little over two years, and I don't have baby fever yet...what's wrong with me??? haha. Maybe it's because I'm a full-time nanny to a 6 month old. I get my fix between 8 and 5. I really love that changing table though.
Thanks for stopping over and for following my blog!!
Oh, and if you know you love them - you might as well buy them now I think.

Lindsey said...

Love this post! You guys are so cute! My hubby has baby fever as well, but as soon as we visit our niece he realizes he isn't ready yet. But we love looking at baby stuff as well!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

We have the brown wall unit like this from PB. I am actually going to sale it now that our little man is going to be 4 and I am re-decorating his room, but it was great for our nursery and toddler room!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Oh how fun! I love all of these things you posted. So cute.

Amy said...

LOL, I have a baby stash also! Love the furniture!