Friday, October 10, 2008

WW tip of the day

Portions Portions Portions
I think portions is one of the biggest things you will learn while doing Weight Watchers. I had to go out and purchase a food scale (under $15 at Crate and Barrel) and another set of measuring spoons when I started because I found I needed them so many times a day.
Most things multiply points when you have multiple of them at a time. Eating three 1 pt cookies is not 3 pts it is more like 6 pts. Figure out what satisfies you when you have one serving so that you feel content, not ready for more. The best way to figure if something multiplies points is by the point finder online or your IPhone (an application you upload).
The Pumpkin Spice coffee beans I found at the grocery yesterday was amazing this morning. I made it with fat free creamer and 3 splenda with fiber packets. I know this normally is 1 pt but it may even be 0 pts with the extra fiber!


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NotQuiteaBride said...

These are such great tips. I love the WW Wednesdays. I am in the market for losing quite a few pounds, and your WW blogs have really inspired me! I did WW a long time ago and saw results. I just get so tired of counting, but I really need to suck it up and do it!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

yeah, i probably need to go purchase a scale. :(

Just Me said...

I found your blog from Mojito Maven, I am also in Denver area, what a small world huh? So about the whole weight watchers thing, how do you find out how many points things are, is there a book or do you have to attend meetings?