Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Productive Sunday

I have had a very productive day and I am feeling quite accomplished! As I have mentioned before when it comes to my house I am either super clean or super messy. Well for the past few weeks I have been EXTREMELY messy. I couldn't seem to even make a dent in our place no matter how hard I would try. That all changed today! I woke up and cleaning was the first thing on my mind. I was able to do all of our laundry done and it's almost all put away. I made a goal that our house would be clean when we left for our trip Wednesday and today was the only day I would have free to do so. Between work, making time for friends, YL, voting and getting ready for our trip my next two days will be full but eventful!

My hubby will be getting off work Wednesday morning, come home and we will leave for the airport as soon as he gets home. He is not really looking forward to our trip but I know he will be glad he came with me as soon as we are on the plane. I don't think we have flown anywhere together since a few weeks after we got married. I have flown back to visit extended family and had girls weekends but together we have always just gone to the mountains for vacation.
I am really not excited about the baggage fees once again. I would just rather spend money someplace other than paying to check a bag. I did get a large duffel bag from Vera Bradley for my birthday. They say it can be carried on, it seems pretty big for that though but I will try.

It is a lot cuter than this picture shows. It isn't as bright as it looks.
Also other great news my hubby fixed my car problems that I told you about here. When we took back to the car dealer they said it was a loose wire in the door and would cost $350 to fix. He looked it up online and they said it should cost $100 to fix. Well he took matters into his own hands and after an hour and no $ spend it is all fixed!! I was so worried I would get pulled over (I have a brake light out) and wouldn't be able to roll down my window for the officer. I figured I would just explain out my sunroof like a crazy person!
I also needed to get some brake work done and was praying it would only need the basic $99 new pads. They called me and told me that I needed $1,400 in repair work done. Seriously, does anyone walk out of there only spending $99? When we told the guy we weren't willing to spend that much money he said "don't you have a credit card you can put it on?" He then told us to call our credit card company and get a temporary bump so we could pay for the work. He didn't get that we had MORE than enough room to put it on a cc but didn't want to put anything on our credit cards. We are working so hard to pay them off and we don't think my breaks really needed all that work. We had them do the basic work and my hubby will fix the rest himself.
My car sounds like a huge piece of crap but really it is really nice, this just all happened at once. It is so weird because before this we have had a problem free year and a half with it.
I was about to publish my post and noticed how cute Ridley was laying. She look at me as soon as she heard the photo click of my phone camera. She is so cute and cuddly.
Like the folded clothes next to her!


Kristina said...

I love that pattern of Vera cute!

Rebecca Taylor said...

Having a clean house makes like so much easier! I love the Vera pattern...hope you have a great trip!

Randall said...

I have a whole set of Vera Bradley travel pieces and use it so often - it is cute and so useful. Of course, Nick is not entirely thrilled to lug around a big pink quilited bag, oh well!

Mojito Maven said...

LOVE VEra bradley travel stuff! Good luck with WW on your trip. Trips are always the WORST for me because I always somehow blow it and I am determined to not blow it this Christmas when I'm at home!

LuLu and Pete said...

I have had the same messy problem around my house...only I wasn't as productive as you this I'm hoping that this coming weekend will give me more motivation than the last!

Sarah said...

I just found your blog, what a beautiful bride you made! Can't wait to read more! : )

Mojito Maven said...

So I have some questions for you when you get time about WW. When you first started how much weight did you lose on average per week? 1 pound? 2 pounds? Was the weight loss constant or did you have weeks where you would lose 5 pounds and then gain 2 pounds? I'm just curious as to what i should expect in the upcoming please :)

LyndsAU said...

Ridley is precious :) So glad the car problems worked out! And i looove the Vera pattern :)
I awarded you today :)

bridechic said...

Luv your little Chi. I have a six pound, six year-old baby girl chi and love her to pieces