Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Never say never

There are many things that I never thought that I would do in my lifetime but I have managed to do quite a few recently. They are as follows
The first thing is own a pair of Uggs.
I now own two pairs and really want a black pair to go with my tan ones and my chocolate brown ones.
When I did buy Uggs I swore I would never tuck them in. I did that this week.
I really never thought that I would read Twilight. I skipped the Harry Potter crazy and didn't really miss it and thought I could skip this as well.
All of my Young Life girls are reading it and I am starting to get parents asking me questions about them. I have started this week but I am only 20 pages or so in.
I also thought that I wouldn't read the book so I wouldn't have to see the movie. Well once again I am going to go with my YL girls this Friday to see it.
I have never watched the biggest loser. I just looked the before and after pictures though and I may have to start watching in January. I have heard so much from all of you how motivating it is.
Is there anything you do now that you never thought you would do?


Cheryl said...

I love simple and classy things too, and I never thought I would own a pair of Uggs. I get the feeling that I will love following your blog ;)

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I thought I would never read Twilight too. But my friends have talked me into it. Let me know how it is. I haven't started it yet!!

Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

Reading Twilight and Crocs. Have not purchased Uggs yet though.

Nicole M Wood said...

I want a pair of Uggs so bad.

Sarah said...

I said I would never buy uggs, I was wrong....and they are heaven!

LyndsAU said...

It's funny. All those things you said you would never do, I do on a regular basis (except Twilight-I haven't gotten on that yet!). I loooove Biggest Loser, I own two pair of Uggs (which I did say I would NEVER) and I tuck them in everytime I wear them :) haha

SassyEngineer said...

In high school I said I would never date my husband - and now look at us, married! I also said I would never live in Texas, but I do now too :) You're right, never say never!

Mojito Maven said...

yep i broke down and bought a pair of tan uggs on monday...seriously how did this happen?

With Love from New Orleans said...

crocs (floods here a lot!), leggings...oh boy!

kels said...

hi! just came across your blog!
first of all, I, too... never though I would buy Uggs. And I did last year and wear them CONSTANTLY!
also- never read Harry Potter, didn't want to jump on the bandwagon. And I was the same way with Twilight and then I had a friend convince me and now I'm addicted. I need to go see the movie.
I used to be a YL leader! It's such a great organization! :)

Mrs. Nurse said...

I too aquired Ugg's after saying they would never be in my closet. The comfort factor won me over. :)

The Branches said...

those are all really cute on the 90 pound models! ha..ha... that is so funny that they still sell that shirt! It must be a big selling item for them or something?

Sweet Bea said...

Yea...after spending several years holding off my mom's obsessive need to buy me uggs, I finally caved in this year and got them for Christmas...and they have barely been off my feet since. I'm a convert, and I'm only slightly ashamed to admit it! :)