Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weight loss tips and other thoughts

On my last post I wrote about how I was about to go to the gym and I gotta say I almost flaked out after I turned off my computer. It was just so warm and toasty that it was hard to leave. I am glad that I didn't because I wouldn't have this to share with all of you!
I love to watch the people at the gym and then point out all the funny things they did on my drive home with hubby. He usually says "I was there to work out not to check other people out". At times he will indulge with me though. Anyways last night was no exception... I saw a high school boy in bud light pajama bottoms with the bottoms rolled up, one higher than the other, and tall white socks pulled up high. He was following around another teen and barely working out even though you know he was going to tell all his friends tomorrow at school what a great work out he had. Please, I worked harder than he did when I was stretching. It was closing time and he noticed we were all putting on our coats and leaving when he asked his friend is the gym closing? He then went on to say how upset he was because he wanted to run for the next hour.
See what funny amusing things happen at the gym! Don't believe me, I took a photo!!

Sorry he is somewhat hidden but you get the idea, I couldn't let him see that I was taking a photo.
I also have to share with you the results of all my hard work at the gym. In the last 10 days I have followed my points 6 days. The other ones haven't worked out but I am still so much farther ahead because I was able to follow for 1/2 the days. I allowed myself those days to eat what I wanted at parties and I don't feel guilty about it. It is a lot better than just giving up everyday because it doesn't work a few days as so many people do. I also made it to the gym 6 times as well, not always the same day as the other. Three of these times I was able to lift. I can tell such a big difference since I have started doing this. I have lost at least half an inch everywhere, even in my arms. I am not saying this because I am conscious about my arms but because I want to share with you how building muscle will take off inches everywhere. I have also noticed that when I didn't follow my points I could tell by looking at my stomach the next morning but now that I am working out I can't tell the next morning.
I also found pictures of my new earrings online!

I am also trying to track this down from Forever 21. I bought a similar one in red last year and it is so great. It is thin and stretchy and the white is a little see through, I got tons of comments on it as well! I have been to two store so I may just have to break down and buy it online.

This is little Eli! I got to spend my day with her and all day she told me you are my best friend quiet a few times.

While I was gone hubby dropped an ice cube that Ridley decided to pick up. I just don't think she counted on it getting stuck. I guess she was so scared she wouldn't move and didn't know what to do.

Last week I heard the tip once again not to wash your hair but just to condition it, washing it only once a week or so. I was a little freaked out by it but knew I needed to do something different now that my hair is so long. I tried it and I love it! It makes my hair so manageable and smooth.


MG said...

Haha I always feed my dog ice cubes and they get stuck to her as well!

Ashley said...

1. love the forever21 shirt! 2. how precious are the best friend comments :-) 3. Your doggie is the most adorable sight!

The Branches said...

the ice cube on the dog is hilarious....I'll have to try the no shampoo thing b/c my hair gets so dry b/c i blowdry it and then chi iron it straight all the time!

The Pink Chick said...

I love watching people at the gym too! There is this one guy who does nothing but stare at himself in the mirror the whole time he is working out. If you accidentally pass in front of him, he gets mad and makes a smart comment about how he can't see himself. I realize that people watch themselves in the mirror to make sure they are keeping the correct form, but this guy takes it to the extreme!

LyndsAU said...

my mom's dogs LOVE ice cubes and they get stuck in their beards-hehe! that's precious! poor Ridley!
And yay for lifting weights and losing inches. I have always loved lifting.
that guy is hilarious-what a weirdo! i love people watching :)

Texan Couture said...

I agree people watching at the gym is hilarious!!!


aww that is cutest dog, those puppy eyes..MELT!

SassyEngineer said...

I love people watching - I just worry what people think about me, haha! Our dog also freezes whenever something abnormal is on her. Dogs are so funny! I think I am going to try this not washing my hair thing - I wash it everyday.

Sweet Simplicity said...

I just happened to scroll down to see the dog picture right as a co-worker walked by my office. I started laughing out loud. She must think I am such a weirdo! But it was so funny!!

The Shabby Princess said...

That picture of your dog is sooo cute!!

OK, quick gym story for you: at the gym I go to, there is a guy who think he's David Beckham, circa, the long hair with the headband thing, and his buddy, who has the most insane chicken legs--i kid you not, my wrist is bigger than his calf. They are just the most entertaining pair--always sporting the "half shirt" and checking themselves out. They also monopolize the weights and get very huffy if you even try to sneak in a set. Thanks for sharing your story! Ha!

The Fabulous Life of a Southern Belle said...

That pic of your dog is the best picture ever! I showed everyone in my house and everyone loved it too!

The Browns said...

Awww, I love your doggie! I have one chi-chi & another 3/4 chi-chi & 1/4 rat terrier. I love them!

Lulu said...

That ice cube photo is BEYOND precious! I totally laughed out loud, thank you for brigntening my day ;)

kels said...

question for you: where did you get those earrings?!
my best friend is getting married in June and she found some earrings like those... with the pearls surrounded by diamonds, but they were HUGE. And she wanted some smaller ones, but hasn't been able to find them anywhere.
If you could help me, that'd be great... my e-mail is kelseysutherlin@gmail.com

thanks!! :)