Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fashion randoms

I was watching What Not to Wear the other day and decided that I need to be nominated. I will even wear some terrible clothes for a week while you get your hidden camera footage if any of you would like to nominate me! If for nothing else than getting a $5,000 shopping spree and a trip to New York. I am just so tired of my current clothes. I just have to make it to spring since I have a huge box of summer dresses and skirts packed away.
I was looking at my most recent People Style Watch last evening and was so inspired to try some new things. I may even try to wear my skinny jeans without my uggs one of these days. I fell in love with that magazine from the first issue I picked up but they have been slowly getting worse, until the most recent issue. It reminded me why I loved it so much before.
I finally fit in my Citizens of Humanity jeans again, great news! Bad news is they ripped right in the butt. They were the perfect pair of jeans, the length was perfect for my brown and black boots or flats. When I bought them at Nordstrom they said they take back anything, for any reason. I am thinking I may return them for a new pair. Has anyone done this before?
I am loving all the braids and twists that people are doing with their hair right now. My hair is getting so long and I am always looking for new things to do with it. I haven't gotten it cut or colored since the end of October and I am looking for ways to do something interesting since it is no longer blond. I am excited to see what I will look like with only my natural hair color.
Have any of you ever seen the infomercial for the bump it? The hair accessory to help you get the perfect hair bump. I don't think I would order it but if I saw it at the store I may pick one up for something new to try. Has anyone actually tried it?
Ladies I almost forgot to tell you... Any bra at Victoria Secret bra in the sale bin is $15 and all the underwear is $3 right now. It doesn't matter what price the tags says!


Puttin' On The GRITS said...

My citizens ripped in the butt too! Another blogger had the same problem...maybe it's the jeans?

I've seen the bump it...and another blogger swears by it. I might use the small one but that big one might be a little marge simpson....

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

My mom and I love "What Not to Wear." She always promises to dress really, really horribly for a few months if I nominate her!

jlc said...

Ouuu thanks for the VS reminder!! I always always get the 5 for 25 but now I have to stock up since the hubby is coming back home again in Feb.

Haha yes, and that means BRAND NEW panties and bras. :)

The Fabulous Life of a Southern Belle said...

I love What Not to Wear! And I def need to head over to Vickies and get some new stuff!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Hmm, I might have to go to VS and go shopping!

Victoria said...

YES! I used to work at Nordstrom, and they take back ANYTHING!!!! Exchange it girl!


Lisa said...

I found your blog through your WW blog. Your pictures are proof what a little determination and a good plan will do. I love watching WNTW with my girls. I too would love that shopping spree but would really hate that 360 mirror! You remind me of myself... back in the day.

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

I really want to be nominated for What Not to Wear, even if I fake it! The infomercials for the Bump It always crack me up, but when I was trying to make my growing-out bangs do the perfect poof this morning (because I was tired of doing the braid everyday), I wanted a mini-Bump It terribly!

Sweet Simplicity said...

1. I always think about doing that to be on What Not to Wear.
2. I love wearing skinny jeans with flats.
3. I've never heard of the bump it, but I am going to check it out right now!!
4. I bought a bra and 3 pairs of panties last weekend at those prices. Fantastic deals!!

mama faith said...

First time visiting your blog and wanted to say hi! I too love the braids that are in style right now. Hopefully by summer my hair will be long enough.

The Pink Chick said...

I adore What Not to Wear! I want to go on that show so bad! My winter wardrobe is so boring!

Kris said...

I return any and everything to Nordies with or without a receipt. They are SO GREAT about it. (And if the salesgirls roll their eyes as I walk away I could care less) I wouldn't keep jeans that ripped!

I love the braid thing - but I'm leary that I will end up looking too 70's with it! Maybe I'll be brave and give it a shot.

Kebi Cedawna said...

I was just in VS this weekend and found a great black lace bustier for...(drumroll please) $11.49! It was originally $58 so I was uber excited to get such a great deal.
I completely agree about wanting to get out those dresses and skirts, I can hardly wait for spring.

Yaeleem said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog.
Also, Nordstrom will take anything back...and I mean anything, even worn out shoes. So go ahead and take those jeans back. :)