Friday, January 23, 2009


I wanted to thank all of you for your sweet comments about our place. It has taken over three years but I finally have it organized. I just want to give all of you hope who live in a place that doesn't seem complete yet. My husband bought our condo right before we got engaged. He was set on getting it but I cried and begged him not to buy it. He saw past the stark white boring apartment feel and saw the amazing potential. When we first bought it everything was white and the kitchen and bathroom cabinets were a terrible light tan laminate that was peeling in the corners. It did however have great bones and flooring so the day we closed he went to work. We have redone the kitchen ourselves, the cabinets are from a kitchen warehouse place. They sell ones that were ordered incorrectly or were overstock and it saved us a ton. It took a little while to find all the right pieces but now we have an amazing kitchen. We have painted all the rooms and the bathrooms cabinets as well as replacing the towel racks with hooks and added the shelves in both baths. We have added little finishing touches here and there, like the brackets under the kitchen counter, it really feels like home now. I am so excited/nervous to sell someday. I know it is one of if not the nicest place in our complex, I tour the ones that are for sale every few months. I am hoping someone will fall in love and offer our asking price. This is all me dreaming though because real estate is so expensive here, it will be a while till we move. I am guessing our condo costs as much as most starter homes elsewhere.
I have been thinking all day about the ottoman I found the other day. It's hard not to when I was getting comments all day about how cute it is! I even sent the photo to hubby and he said I could get it! I am just praying there is still enough room to walk past it at the foot of our bed. Hopefully it will still be there two days later.


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I just went back to your condo pics and it all looks so cute! I love your little touches like the brackets under the counter and piece over the front door. Great work!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Wow you guys did an awesome job on your place!