Thursday, March 26, 2009

From the Colorado blizzard!

I stole this survey this morning from Footballs and Crowns... Life with the Browns. It was just too cute to pass up. I sent it to hubby and had him fill out his answers before he saw mine. Mine are the red ones if he didn't get it right. He did an amazing job though and even reminded me on some of them!
What is my favorite?

Song-love story right now
He is so smart! I didn't really have one in mind
Food- frosting, artichoke
I would say sushi but I LOVE frosting and artichokes as well
Color-pink and green
Very true
Time of day-night
Love night
I would say a frozen bear (a frozen coffee drink from a locally owned shop)
white wine, Riesling
and forever 21 for cheap finds
City-cherry creek
I really didn't have one in mind but that works
Candy-candy apple sucker
3 musketeers if I am breaking my diet though otherwise those!
Same answer I would just spell it right! Boys don't know how to spell flower names.
LOVE Easter, I may do a post soon why I love it so much
Restaurant -cheesecake factory!!!
You love Cheesecake... I would say any sushi restaurant.
Also in case you haven't heard Colorado is in the middle of a BLIZZARD currently! I love it because it isn't affecting me. I don't have anywhere that I have to go today! My husband is working at the firehouse though today so say a little prayer for his safety. He gets off tomorrow morning at 7 am right when the blizzard is predicted to stop. He is also acting as the lieutenant since the actual lieutenant is on spring break with his kids. He is trained as a lieutenant and is currently acting as one but not officially promoted yet, he will be in the next 6 months hopefully. Today is a great day to prove himself!
(For those of you who aren't sure what lieutenants do they are in charge of the crew shift they are on. He takes command of any scene they are on, basically a manager at other jobs.)
While we are stuck in a blizzard today it is a spring blizzard! It will be very wet and most likely melt very fast. They are also great for us because we get most of our moisture from the snow. It is a little sad though because things have already started to bloom outside. The trees that have already bloomed won't produce fruit this year because the blooms will die, they would normally turn into fruit.
One the snow melts and the weather heats up everything will turn green almost overnight.
I love spring and summer and I am starting to think again about purchasing one of these...
I really wanted to get one for my birthday last year but since my birthday is in October the timing with the weather was a little bit off. Since hubby doesn't have a bike I think I may get this one for myself and fix up my old one for him. Buying one at Target isn't really a good option because I could see it falling apart on him in a matter of months, he is so muscular that he weights at least 215 lbs, too heavy for a cheap bike.
I am thinking a cruiser would be perfect for my favorite Colorado trail...

It is called the Highline Trail and it runs 66 miles through out Denver and the metro area. It is pretty flat and easy so I think it would be perfect. I would love any advice any of you have about Target bikes or cruisers. Do you love them or hate them?
I also found this at online at Target...
I believe it was around $35, what a great way to easily store a bike.


Muffy said...

OOOOOH! Let us know if you get a bike! I LOVE biking!!!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Very nice!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

we LOVE sushi too! and that trail looks so gorgeous, that would be so amazing to bike on! I wish I had some biking advice we kept talking about getting bikes too but haven't yet! =)

Kristen said...

HEY!!! My husband, Dan has a cheapie Target bike (he mostly just takes the boys for rides in the evenings, so it's perfect for that.) But anything more serious I think it would be worth the $$ to invest in something nicer with a better seat (read=not like your are sitting on a rock!) We have that bike lift though - it works great.

I had been considering that pink cruiser at Target but when I finally saw one set up at the store and tested it out it seemed like junk! There was a pink one online through CostCo last summer that I am thinking might be worth the extra money. I just hope it's still there now that I want to get it!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to send the quiz to Dimples - thanks for the idea! :)

Dollface said...

So really sad to say I cant ride a bike. But this looks gorgeous! Sorry youre in the middle of a blizzard... have a good weekend, xoxo

ASC said...

I have that bike from Target...It's SO fun. Everytime I ride it around people want to know where I got it =)