Thursday, July 23, 2009

Answers to your questions.

Becky said...
Where is your favorite place to shop?

My favorite place to shop is most likely J Crew or Forever 21. I love that I can find such amazing deals at both places. I usually don't buy anything at J Crew unless it is on sale. Everyone thinks they are super expensive but if you know what will most likely go on sale and shop when they have an extra percentage off you can get some great deals.

I find some amazing deals on dresses from both places. I have tons of fun dresses and skirts that I love wearing because I feel great in them. Most of them I find for under $20.

Her other question was, if you were on a deserted island what three things would you want with you-not including people!

I would want my iPhone because I think it maybe already permanently attached. I would also take my computer with all of my audio books loaded. I guess I would also need electricity to run both so neither would really be ideal would they? Third I would take a bed, I love my sleep!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

What has been the best thing for your skin?

I just finished up a three month cycle of antibiotics for my hormonal acne and it worked great. It was worth all of the side effects (dizziness and things tasted funny) and having to use birth control again. I no longer get huge hard cysts before my period and it has gotten rid of the little bumps I use to get. If I didn't take it every 12 hours I could tell because I would break out right away. I was very nervous about what would happen when I stopped taking them but they had already killed whatever was in my body and now my face looks so much better. I still break out but they come to the surface so much faster and go away so much faster now.

Stephanie said...

I'm always curious to see people's wedding and engagement rings. Could you post a picture of yours, and maybe the story behind your proposal?

I loved this question so much I am going to do it as a separate post. It started to get so long and I wanted to take a little extra time to write it.

JaneMH said...

-What type of dog is Ridley?
Ridley is part Chihuahua but since she was rescued we aren't sure what else she is. My husband had her before we even started dating. My husband's friend found her and when he asked a police officer what he should do with her he was told it would be much better to find a new home for her since she was being abused at her current home. She is so sweet to us but as soon as some one else comes in she tries to bite them. She is as sweet as can be though when they sit down. She doesn't realize that people walk to move around not to kick her or attack us. She must have been kicked because she has ribs that haven't healed correctly.

-You have great taste clothing wise. Other then Forever 21 and J Crew what other stores do you shop. Do you have any favorite Etsy sites?

Wow, before you asked that I didn't realize I don't really shop at too many places. I love to stick to stores I know well especially when I know how to get such great deals there. I love to look atAnthropologie but I rarely buy anything. Nordstrom is always great!
I love to stock up on the big sales every year. There is a huge sale every summer in an area that is all upscale boutiques, I use the sale to stock up on designer jeans.
I like Etsy but nothing is sticking out in my head right now. I have only ordered one thing so far.

Just curious about if you have any siblings?

I have one little brother, everyone thinks he is much younger than me because I always refer to him as little. He is only 2 and a half years younger but he is only 5"5 (I am 5"6) hence the little comments. He is such an amazing guy though, he would do anything to help anyone out. His size has added to his great personality notcreated a runt complex.

Katie asked...

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Truthfully I always wanted to be a mermaid. I still secretly may want to! Life just seems so much simpler.

I have always loved houses though and I have always known that I would be in real estate. I can remember paying attention to peoples houses and neighborhoods since I was very little.

Thanks for your questions. I just realized how long it took me to actually post my answers.


Katie said...

being a mermaid wouldn't be a bad career choice!

josephinechoo said...

I love Forever 21 too!!

JaneMH said...

Thanks for answering :) Ahh, to be a Mermaid. I love it.