Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My perfect work out playlist

I have shared this on my other Weight Watchers blog but I figured I would share this with you as well since so many of you will be making resolutions to work out this new year.
One of the trickiest parts of working out is finding the perfect mix of songs for your iPod. We all know that if a song is too slow it will cause a huge lull in your energy levels and make the work harder. Lots of people love watching tv while working out but the hard thing is finding something that draws you in or getting the channel changed to what you want at the gym.
My answer to this has been audiobooks. They are free from the library and totally take you away instead of focusing on your workout.
Pretty sure almost all women have a huge to read list but also want to exercise. I spend so much time on the trail every week that I have flown through the first two Mark of the Lion books (500 + pages each). This series is by Francine Rivers who also wrote Redeeming Love. Get to the book store asap if you haven't read Redeeming Love. You won't be sorry you did.
Apparently the people at Lululemon agree with me click here to hear what they say about it.
I do understand that you may need the pump up of music. I listen to mine while I am driving to workout. I also have the newest shuffle and I love that it holds tons of playlists for this exact reason.
One question though...
Can you say that you have read a book when really you listened to it? Don't tell my book club this month if it doesn't count.


Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

I totally say I have read it if I listened to it. I still know what happens at the end, and it's not like you are just watching the movie!

Loved Redeeming Love by the way, and just downloaded Voice in the Wind on my Kindle. I am listening to Devil in the White City now, and have The Bookseller of Kabul up next for listening. I have really enjoyed listening to Mary Higgins Clark's books. She has a great reader. I also enjoyed Can You Keep a Secret. A very fun one to listen too.

stefanielynn04 said...

Redeeming Love is one of my favorite books! I seriously could not put it down. I haven't read any of her other books though so maybe I will have to check those out. I have always had a hard time being able to focus on when people are reading books out loud...does the reader make you feel engaged enough to listen?

Ashley said...

Great list!!

Kate said...

You are the second person to tell me this!
My friend listens to podcasts of her favorite radio station back stateside! I'm heading to the library to get some audio books! Thanks for the tip!