Monday, December 28, 2009

Running gear

I am so boring lately my apologies for my lack of posts.
I have been busy running lately. My goal is to run 20 miles a week or to burn 3,500 calories.
All of this running has me pretty obsessed with running and workout gear lately. I think I have figured out the perfect mix of layers and gear for the cold weather.
On super cold (late start days) I really need to layer up. Running tights, compression mock turtleneck, fleece jacket and gloves. My legs are so cold by the time I get back but the pictures that I take are so pretty it's worth it.
Here are a few for you.
Did you see my little dog? She loves to run and will go as far as I take her (4-6 miles).
Here's a random thing I came across yesterday...
A dead bee in the snow on a 25 degree day.... random.
I have also become obsessed with running gear. I love to check it all out but lately all I have pretty much sporting is Target's C9 line. They are decent for the price point, all of the other gear I am drawn to is so expensive. I have found one shirt though lately at Target that is a real gem! They only carry it in white and a bright coral/pink color and this is what the back looks like.
I can't find it online but is is worth going to the store for. Seriously this is the perfect shirt for only $25. It's just thick enough for days where the weather is in the 30's, snug but not too tight (doesn't show everything) and doesn't really ride up. The sleeves are perfect as well, they can be hiked up comfortably (some are too snug to) or left alone without riding up. I was so excited when my husband got me the pink one for Christmas because I was wearing the white one everyday and washing it every time I wore it.
We've had quite a bit of snow lately and it's been pretty exhausting to walk let alone run in. I had heard about these things called Yaktrax and decided to try them out...
They strap to your shoes for more traction. They worked really well today.
Sorry completely random and boring today.
If your a runner or love workout gear who make your favorite gear or what is it?


Kelley said...

Lululemon makes great running clothes even though they are more known for yoga. I love their running tights and pants. Also, I have a purple Garmin (FR-60) watch that is awesome for tracking heart rate, calories and distance. It automatically syncs to my computer and iPhone so I don't have to keep a separate log (I have about three, half-full running journals -- I can never seem to actually track my runs.) I only wear tops from Target--you can't beat the value/wear!

EmilyB said...

Congrats to you for staying motivated to run in all that snow!!! I hadn't seen the things to put on your shoes before. Good idea! I'm debating joining a gym b/c I hate running in the cold! Maybe I just need to toughen up a bit :)

Sweet Simplicity said...

My gma has some of those traction things. I seriously contemplated sneaking them into my bag. :) I need to find some.