Thursday, January 7, 2010

10 weeks till...

I know that most of the country is stuck in a cold freeze right now but I'm already starting to see a few signs that spring is approaching! For instance this came in the mail yesterday.
Did anyone else see page 4 and 5 and wonder who orders that? Click here if you are curious.
Yesterday we also walked into Gap to be greeted by quite a few pairs of sandals.
This can only mean one things to me, only 10 short weeks till spring!


Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

Yay I love this post- Im in the mood for sun dress shopping! Not in the mood for swimsuit shopping...but I never am! Im a new follower:)

Freck said...

WHOA! You're right, who orders that?! No way jose!

Casey said...

Does anyone actually buy and wear that? haha

Idk if I'm going to do the diet. Probably not. I read that it was high protein and that they pretty much cut out all carbs in the beginning. I'm pretty picky about the food I eat, so my diet is already limited. lol I think I'll look it over and pick and choose what I eat while staying within the reccommened caloric intake.
I'll post about my food daily. Maybe that will help me stay strong to the diet and look like the model in that picture within 90 days?! ha

mrs.mfc said...

HAAHAHA!!! I laughed so loud when I clicked on that link!! I haven't gotten that catalog yet.

I just want to fit into my normal clothes again- forget a skimpy swimsuit like that!! Yikes!

kanishk said...

! You're right, who orders that?! No way jose!

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