Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Book Club

I have recently joined a fabulous book club! A fun evening with new girlfriends, filled with interesting women of varying ages . We may also bring a bottle of wine each and encourage new attendees to have their significant other pick them up at the end of the night.
(The boys may call it wine club.)
Here's the downfall of it though.
I am struggling to get through the books before we meet each month. I am a reader but between the books I already have at home waiting in a pile and listening to books on tape while I run (at least 7 hours a week) I am out of reading time. It gets even harder when there is only 3 weeks between the clubs. I really enjoy the meetings and I know it is ok to attend if I haven't read but I am not sure I can fit it all in. Has anyone else had this dilemma?


Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

I lead our spouses' book club on our base, work full time, and do grad school. Last semester I was in a Lit class and had a ton of reading to do. I really struggled to get the books read. I often finished reading with 30 minutes to spare before the meeting. I did a lot of audiobooks (car, grocery shopping, working out) and reading while eating. Sometimes though, I just didn't get it done. I still went and discussed at least what I had read. I currently have half a book left to read before Tuesday. Ahhhh!

Sherrie said...

I remember when I was on maternity leave with my second son and I joined a Beth Moore bible study. That was work! It was time consuming and I just did not have the time with a newborn. I would get up at 4AM the morning of bible study to cram. I felt like I was back in college. The issue was just a newborn and sleep deprivation for me.

I would suggest that you make a reading schedule for you to keep on track, whether it's two or three chapters a day, or maybe you would have more time on the weekends. That would be my only suggestion.

Suburban Princess said...

As someone who left a book club that was about to fall apart because people werent reading the books...please put the book club book at the top of your list and when you have finished that one move on to your personal picks. The problem with one person not reading the book is that the second person figures its ok if they dont read it too...then the third person and suddenly you dont have a book club anymore and the people who do read the books get pissed off. Sorry if that sounded preachy lol!

The Shabby Princess said...

No ideas on that one--sorry. But, I'm so totally amazed that you run 7 hours a week--that's a long time! Way to go!

Jennifer said...

where did you find a book club for your area?

cMe said...

I agree with Suburban Princess. I get annoyed at the women who attend my book club without reading the book. They distract from the discussion with nonrelevant questions and conversations. I totally understand if you don't have time to read the book, but please stay home that evening! = )

kanishk said...

I had read. I currently have half a book left to read before

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