Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Image is everything?

Today I had coffee with an image consultant to talk business. She was formerly a very high end Realtor so she had some great tips for dressing for my real estate business. I learned a lot but I am finding that it left me with a lot to think about. Since I am only 26 her main tip for me were ones to make me seem older and more professional so that clients will think of me as the expect when buying their biggest purchase.
Her list of tips for me...
Structured clothing
Jackets not sweaters (falls under structured clothing)
No open toed shoes/ peep toes at most
Neutral, pinks or reds only for nail polish
To get an actual hair style rather than a hair cut
Work on my makeup
I will admit that I don't wear a ton of makeup but I defiantly had on more than she thought. I think the biggest makeup item missing today was eye liner which I normally wear. I am not sure that I am ready to drop $150 to see her makeup person just yet. I have however set an appointment with her hair stylist for next week. I need a stylist who will figure out the best cut for my hair, face and profession so I am excited about this step. How sad is at the beginning of fall to be told not to wear sweaters, I do have a few jackets though and enjoy wearing them. Last weekend I did a bit of shopping and ended up picking up two jackets before our appointment. She also mentioned that she hadn't seen me wear anything that was a fashion faux pas but that these tips could help me in my business.
Have you ever done something like this?


Rebecca (Craving Simplicity) said...

That's pretty intense!!! :)

Hautemama said...

When I was a stockbroker and business partners with my father we had a saying, "Fake it until you make it!" People want to think you are extremely professional and put together...tailored clothing, makeup and hair can really affect peoples opinions. I think it sounds like great advice.

brown eyed girl said...

It sounds pretty reasonable to me. I am only 27 and work with people in their 50s and 60s and older, most of the time people question my ability to help them based upon my age alone, but I think that having a professional appearance an demeanor helps faciliate rapport development, so I say it wouldn't hurt to try!

Kassie said...

I'm a realtor in California, and I think a lot of this is reasonable. I'm 24, but look quite a bit younger, and since I work in higher end properties it can be an issue sometimes. But I think it depends on the situation. Like I might wear less fancy clothing to take buyers out a third time, but would wear a suit to sign a listing.

Abbie said...

You can definitely find some cute jackets at Limited and Banana Republic that will still look young, but structured... or TJMAxx! :)

I went to the Sephora at Cherry Creek and spoke with someone before the wedding about make-up. I can't remember her name, but she had worked for Bobbi Brown before that. She was awesome. I dropped some $$, but I figured it was worth it. She helped me learn how to apply everything and pick the right colors.

Suz said...

What a fun idea!! I would love to have someone and tell mw pointers like that!!