Sunday, November 7, 2010

How do you decided on holiday gifts?

It is no secret that the holidays are just around the corner. Since we already have our gift budget set aside I am anxious to get out there and start purchasing gifts before the stores are crowded. We were out browsing this weekend and came across a beautiful gold necklace that I loved and wanted for Christmas. It was in my purse so I grabbed it out and showed it to friends of ours when we were at their house for dinner. My friend was shocked that I knew what my Christmas present was and that I had picked it out. I tried to explain that we use Christmas presents as a way to stock up on the items that we would really like but feel guilty about purchasing otherwise. Don't worry we make sure that we leave some of the budget for surprises. We are working so hard on Dave Ramsey's plan to financial peace and that has really made us think differently about ever purchase. These steps have made such a huge difference in our finances and lives that we realize that any sacrifice is 100% worth it.
Do you think we are crazy as well for picking out our own Christmas presents or do you do the same thing?


josephinechoo said...

Nope..Ken and I pick our Christmas presents too.

Friends were shocked too but I tried to explain to them we rather bought something that both of us need than wasting them.

Sherrie said...

My dh does a pretty good job of picking our presents for me, but trust me there was definitely a learning curve for him. I have learned to be VERY specific with gift requests.

I will tell you that I always wanted a blue box from Tiffany's and after several years of telling him that and not receiving one, I finally bought myself a bracelet a few years ago while on a shopping trip with my mom.

If I found something I wanted/loved on sale I would definitely purchase it and keep it for a gift for myself. If it is something that would never go on sale, I would let him purchase it. He buys me lots of GCs which works out great. So no I do not think you are crazy. :)

The Mulberry Girl said...

My husband and I do this..I find exactly what I want and then he gets it. It saves him a lot of wasted time wandering through stores feeling frustrated, I'm happy to receive something I've been wanting or needing (like last years Cuisinart food processor) and we don't waste money on unwanted gifts. Works for us!