Monday, November 8, 2010

random meet ups!

Today I had one of those crazy days that I just must post about so that I can go back later and remember how great our God is.
Every Monday evening I lead a small group for my Young Life girls through another bible study. One of the other leader and I planned today to meet before the study and have a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop. Midway through our coffee she needed something, gets up and a girl at a close table approaches me.
Turns out it was a girl that I had worked with close to 6 years ago for a long weekend at Frontier Ranch, a Young Life camp. She went back to Virginia and we kept in touch for a bit but lost touch before myspace or facebook were around. I've randomly thought about her over the years and I was sad that I didn't remember her last name to look her up. Turns out she just moved to my town and was at the same coffee shop when I was. She even had photos stored on her computer from that weekend to look at before she approached me. We are getting together tomorrow evening for coffee and I am so excited to catch up!


Kristina said...

oh, how fun! enjoy catching up together!

ASC said...

So fun!