Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Halloween babies!

I found these today while I was at the store. I love babies and baby stuff, if I have lost my husband at almost any store he can usually find me in the baby stuff. I think it is so funny because I always try to look quickly so he doesn't catch me but he usually does.
Aren't they some of the cutest halloween things you have ever seen? They were $3 each and the faces are embroidered not printed. They will just have to go into our box of baby stuff for someday as I am not expecting. It is somewhat of a hope chest for me. I see things out and about that I know I will be so sad if I don't have for my future children, I make sure I get things that are extra special otherwise my box would fill an entire room.


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i really like the ghost! so cute!

Mojito Maven said...

love the pumpkin...i would even consider going as one of these as long as I don't have to be ketchup.

Shauna said...

Love baby costumes too! Once those babies turn into 7 year old girls - all you get are Bratz costumes & Rock stars though. Ugh.