Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weight Watchers follow up

I have had such a great response from my Weight Watchers post from this morning that I think I will do a WW tip of the day almost every day. I went to the grocery today and figured I would share with you what I purchased.
First of all I will let you know how I like to stay under 20 points a day. (20 points is how many I am given based on weight and height you will have to individually figure out yours.)
I like to keep my lunch and dinner to 4 or 5 points, usually 4. I like to keep smart ones or lean cuisines stocked because it makes it so much easier. They have a pretty good selection that are 4 points, LC's have the points on the top of the box. If I have 3 four point meals a day I sill have 8 points left for snacks.
I really love to have little snacks around that are 1-2 points and tend to snack on these. I am never hungry this way and never full, always perfectly content!!

Coffee with 1/4 cups of the creamer and 1/4 of the sugar free vanilla

WW cream cheese with a 100 cal english muffin both 1 points

WW yogurt 1 pt

Special K (any kind) 1 cup is 2 pts a good snack to throw in your purse

Baby belle low fat cheese (in the white package) 1 pt

WW string cheese 1 pt

The bread I have pictured below with a piece of WW American cheese, spray the bread with cooking spray and you have an amazing grilled cheese for 2 pts
100 cal and smart pop but both the kettle corn and butter are great and really filling for 1 pt

a little expensive but so good, most veggie burgers are 1 pt
0 pts for half a can, if you eat the entire can it is 1 or 2 pts
1 pt, I have had trouble finding these lately though, its a little easier now that it is before Halloween. I got these at Target. Most suckers are 1 pt!!
Any of the WW ice creams are AMAZING but I think the one point ones are easiest
Veggies are obviously a good thing and frozen ones are the easiest
I like to keep corn 2 pts, peas 1 pt and brussel sprouts 1pt (they are seriously good) on hand. They are all just as good with a little salt you won't even miss the butter your use to add! You can also add 1t of olive oil to these to get your oil points for the day, this adds one more point.
You can have an entire apple for 1 pt, very filling
Prunes are really good! They are even sweeter than raisins and 1 pt.
Always take your points calculator to the grocery with you. Usually the temptation only lasts at the store or you will see how many points something is and it won't be worth eating.
Hope this is helpful.


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i can't wait to hear what you think of fireproof!

thanks for all of your tips! one snack i love is taking graham crackers and putting low fat cool whip in between two graham crackers then freezing it. they taste like an ice cream sandwich!

Mojito Maven said...

Great tips!! I like to take non fat ricotta cheese and add vanilla extract and raspberries...so good! You look so great and gives me hoe that I can get there too!

Nicole said...

Love that you gave more tips. And so many!

BTW, I showed your before/after pic to some coworkers today and they were all inspired! Keep up the good work!!